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Answers to online quiz in English and American Literature

1/16/2010 22:37:31Erdinand Q. Solacito


His suspicions about his father’s death were proven when his father’s spirit appeared to the guards and told them the reasons why he died. After learning that, he was no longer suspecting indeed, he made an assumptions that his father was betrayed and being killed by the people who are close to him. Macbeth was naturally a good man with a good heart. But, one day, three witches came to him and told him about his future, the witches predicted that he will become a great king in the future. Because of it he has become greedy of power and his heart became insatiable, he never became contented of what he has, he wanted more and even killing people could not hinder him from doing so. The witches then told him that no man can kill him who is born of a woman. he was so confident that no one can destroy him. But, Macduff, who was given birth not on a natural process was the only person killed him as to the prophecy of the witches was. Every human being who fell in love to someone has to feel protected to the one he loves. But, people forgot the true essence of love, when you love someone, you have to prepare yourself to get hurt, because you just don’t love the person just to be happy, but you have to love the person in totality.
Othello felt too much jealousy to Desdemona, because she accidentally fell the handkerchief whom Othello gave her. And, the one who found it in the person of Cassio claimed that it was given to him by Desdemona. And, So, Othello felt that he was betrayed by his wife whom he loved dearly. Juliet Capulet standing in her room’s veranda staring at he stars in the heaven asking the shining, shimmering sky with these lines: “Oh, Romeo, my Romeo where art thou my Romeo? Why am I feeling this? Why do I love the man from my hate?” As I understand it personally, the persona speaking in the poem expresses his feelings to the one he loves. But, he could hardly say it to the lady because he is not so sure if he will be given a chance by the lady whom he loves and at the same time he feels confused if he will express his feelings to her she might not accept his love for her.So, there are confusion, anxiety, sadness, sorrow and self-pity. But, most of all there is an everlasting love.

Hi Sir, I just wanna say sorry that sometimes we did not take your subject seriously. We throw a lot of jokes and make our classroom a comic hall where everyone is happy. I know very well that you knew how boring this subject would be if we’re going to take it seriously. And, I would like to personally thank you for being always cool and for always being open-minded. That’s what a teacher would be like, right?
T-H-A-N-k Y-O-U, GOD BLESS!!! Mwaaaahhhh!!!

1/18/2010 21:05:00Lendy Banicilon


Hamlet prove his suspicion about his fathers death, its because,Hamlets pretend to be crazy and set his plan.Supernatural influence the play macbeth, because it refers to the things that cannot be explained by natural or physical laws.
Natural influence the play macbeth,because its uses the nature.Othello felt jealous to desdemona because desdemona had sex to cassio and he saw his handerchief in the hands of cassio and that handkerchief was given to desdemona by othello.Romeo and Juliet Romances-its because when you have a romance it implies the expression of ones love or the deep emotional desires to connect with another person.For me my analysis was,it gives the eternal verse and live forever so long as there are people on earth this poem will live and make you immortal and nor death will claim you for his own.OMG!!!! ITS SO DIFFICULT…..it makes me crazy….

1/19/2010 21:43:33Jessie John C. Villela


Hamlet finally believed his perception and the ghost’s thoughts when he absolutely witnessed Claudius’ reaction when the play entitled “mousetrap” was being acted by his hired actors.The moment Claudius witnessed the play he stand up and called for the lights in the play room and then he eventually went away. That actuation do justify his thoughts that Claudius is responsible for his father’s death. Natural and supernatural influences plays a very important role in Macbeth, it actually goes together because if there is only natural influence the color of the play will not be that exciting. Due to the existence of the supernatural influences the play was more powerful and it was given a very beautiful setting. The very best example is the scene where the witches were having a conversation in the midst of thunder,lightning,and rain. In that example the natural elements are the rain,lightning and the thunder, while the supernatural were the witches.Due to the presence of the witches the setting was given with a very outstanding picture and scenario. Othello was angry which resulted to Desdemona’s death because he was really thinking that he was betrayed by his own wife, and that he thought that Desdemona has an affair with Cassio because he saw his so loved handkerchief being used by Cassio that he had given to Desdemona.The scene that touched me so much was the ending part of their story. When Romeo decided to end up his life because he cannot bare that he will live life without Juliet.The moment Romeo drunk the poison which resulted to his death, Juliet had finally awakened only to find out Romeo was no longer alive,he ended up his life due to the reason that he was thinking that Juliet was already dead, and so when Juliet knew it, she then decided to also end up her life and because when they are still alive lots of hindrances comes their way, and if death would only be the way for them to be together so finally they decided to do such.Sonnet 18 is about a man who has a very passionate perception to women. This sonnet 18 justifies that mans level of regards to a woman is very high.She was being described as a gentle and mild, even compared to a lovely day. The most important line in here is the last line which means that as long as woman exist man will also exist and finally humanity wont fade.The questions stipulated could also be asked to ourselves and be related to our own personal experience. The quiz is very simple yet it moved me so much..

thank you sir and congratulations!!!

1/21/2010 22:07:34regina quiling


Hamlet prove his suspicion about his fathers death,by pretending to be crazy.Natural in the play Macbeth are the thunder,the lightning and storm and in the supernatural that influence in Macbeth are the three witches.Othello felt too much jealous to Desdemona because Cassio and Desdemona have a sex in bed and the handkerchief of Othello was on the hand of Cassio.when Juliet poisoned her self and when Romeo came into the the grave of Juliet he thought that Juliet was already dead he poisoned also his self so that they both dead.On my own analysis on this sonnet that the is waiting for the summer day because her boyfriend promise her the on summer day he will comeback and despite of the trials the love of the girl is still there and never change.

Hi Sir,your quiz is hard for me.Thanks and God bless.

1/22/2010 15:47:02wanda fe abrasado


Hamlet prove his suspicion about his fathers death by creating a scenery or he makes a play so that Claudius would realize or make him want to confess in doing the crime.when the three witches told the wife of Macbeth that his husband has to be a king, because the prophecy that they believe it has to made to happen and so his wife convince him that he should be a king sooner than later, and that Macbeth also believe in this that they would really follow it. they were influence by the three withes.Othello felt so much jealousy to Desdemona because his beloved handkerchief that he gave to his love Desdemona he saw it from the hands of another man whom he found out that his beloved wife was having an affair with Cassiowhen Juliet drunk the potion that would make her look dead, then it was scattered to the house that she is dead so that her arrange marriage would be canceled and that she send a letter to Romeo to wait for her when she wakes but unfortunately the letter doesn’t reached to Romeo so his friend told him that Juliet is Dead he was so hurt that he also drink a poison he would rather be dead so when Juliet wakes up she found out that her love is dead she then stab herself to death. there both parents realize about their selfishness to their son and daughter’s happiness and that the family6 reconciled but it was already to late.she was comparing the girls beauty into beauty, and thus gives inspiration time will come go but she would not be forgotten.

paitah! sir, kafuy jud maexplain bah, better luck next time, jejeje

1/22/2010 16:48:43Ramilyn Racho


Hamlet made a play, he was pretending to be crazy to prove his suspicion about his father’s death. There are three witches who told Macbeth’s wife that sooner he would become a king. They believed to the three witches and so his wife convinced him to become a king.Othello felt too much jealous to Desdemona because he found that Desdemona has another man for a reason that he saw his handkerchief to Cassio and that handkerchief was given to her before. when Juliet drunk potion so that she would be looked dead and with that her arrange marriage will be canceled, and it was spread in all their relatives. Before it was happen, she wrote first a letter to Romeo but he received nothing, and the friend of Romeo told him what happen to Juliet and all of a sudden, he went where Juliet was. Then when he came, he saw that Juliet was engrave. He cannot accept the fact that Juliet was already dead without even knowing that it was just a play made by Juliet. So he killed himself by drinking poisson. and when Juliet awakes, she saw that Romeo was already dead; she cannot also accept the fact so she also stab herself to death. Oh, it was so sad story and i was touched from it!!!!!!!! It shows an emotional character of a girl. It pertains to her unfading love, that she can waits. It only shows there that when we love, we need to be patient, loyal, show our affection and we need to sacrifice just for our love one. Hayyyyyyy Sir, it’s not that eazzzy huh!!!!!!!! hmMm!!!!!!!!!!!!! nose bleed!!!!!!hehehe

1/23/2010 21:35:45Hela Ciel Budiman
Hamlet proved his suspicion about his father’s death when he initiated to have a play wherein it portrayed about what happened to his father and he died.He suspected that Claudius was the one who killed his father and when the scene was already there, Claudius stood up and went out,on that time hamlet keenly observed Claudius’ expression and that’s the time he confirmed his suspicion. The natural influence of the play is that it tells us about eagerness of position like what happen today specially in politics.Officials are willing to kill their opponents so that they can still hold their power.The supernatural influence is that it tells us about paranormal thing. Today we keep on believing about superstitious beliefs.We believe that witches still exist today.And of course, we try to believe on what the fortune teller tells us like what happened to Macbeth.Othello has a handkerchief and he gave that handkerchief to Desdemona symbolizing his love to her. But Desdemona lost that handkerchief and unluckily Othello saw it in the hand of Cassio. He thought that Desdemona and Cassio have a relation. Because of his jealousy, he killed Desdemona.
The scene which I can’t forget was in the climax of the story because it really broke my heart.The scene was when Romeo found out the death of Juliet, he immediately went to Juliet’s place and when he saw her, he drunk the poison to accompany Juliet in death. When he was no more, Juliet woke up but she saw that Romeo was already died so she decided to stab herself. At the end of the story, Romeo and Juliet died. :-(Shakespeare’s sonnet 18 tells about a gentleman who adored a lady. He used to described the image of the her and he compared her to nature.I think the man here was looking to a woman from a distance.I guest he really love her because he tried to say that he did not regret loving her and he still has another chance, he will still loved her. Hi Sir…:-0…See u on Monday…God Bless you.

1/24/2010 12:11:55JEFF MALCOM MA-AYA


 Hamlet prove his suspicion about his father’s death by simply making a stage play, re-enacting his father’s murder, and determine Claudius’s guilt or innocence by studying his reaction. The court assembles to watch the play then Hamlet provides an agitated running commentary throughout. When the murder scene is presented, Claudius abruptly rises and leaves the room, which Hamlet sees as proof of his uncle’s guilt. Natural because it envolves nature which in the first act of the play opens amidst thunder and lightning.
Super natural because it envolves three witches which gave Macbeth a prophecy and influences Macbeth most,that why Macbeth begins to harbour ambitions of becoming king. Othello felt too much jealousy to Desdemona because he thougth that Desdemona and Cassio had an affair. It give him a strong proof because he saw the handkerchief that he give to Desdemona which he give as a sign of love to her. And only to find out that it was all a dammed planted one. It was been agreed that Juliet would marry Paris but then Juliet disagree and ask help to Friar Laurence. Laurence gave him a drug that would presume she was dead. Romeo and Paris then have a battle where in Paris was killed. Still believing Juliet to be dead, Romeo drinks the poison. Juliet then awakens and, finding Romeo dead,and Juliet then stabs herself with his dagger.
Because of the happening, the families are reconciled by their children’s death and agree to end their violent feud. The play ends with the Prince’s elegy for the lovers. The poem starts with a line of adoration to the beloved.The speaker then goes on to say that the beloved being described is both “more lovely and more temperate” than a summer’s day. The beloved being described has beauty that will last forever.The hope is that the two lovers can live on, if not through children, then through the poems brought forth by their love which, unlike children, will not fade.”’ jujuju…..grabeh”
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1/25/2010 20:51:45Peter Y. Dimo


 Hamlet prove his suspicion to his fathers death by simply making a play to which it emphasizes the death of the king. The play documents how the king killed and it affects very much to Claudius which really shows that he was guilt to what happen to the king. Natural because in the beggining of the storry, the first act of the play opens amidst thunder and lightning. It involves nature.
Supernatural because it involves the 3 witches which gave Macbeth a prophecy that led him to kill the king. Othello felt to much jealous to Desdemona because he found out that the handkerchief he gave to Desdemona was on Cassio. He believe that his wife and Cassio has an affair. When Juliet’s mother told her that his going to marry Paris she disagreed. On the night before the wedding, she takes the drug and, when discovered apparently dead, she is laid in the family crypt. Believing Romeo to be a vandal, Paris confronts him and, in the ensuing battle, Romeo kills Paris. Still believing Juliet to be dead, he drinks the poison. Juliet then awakens and, finding Romeo dead, stabs herself with his dagger. The feuding families and the Prince meet at the tomb to find all three dead. Friar Laurence recounts the story of the two “star-cross’d lovers”. The families are reconciled by their children’s deaths and agree to end their violent feud. The play ends with the Prince’s elegy for the lovers: “For never was a story of more woe / Than this of Juliet and her Romeo.” In the sonnet, the poet compares his beloved to the summer season, and argues that his beloved is better. The poet also states that his beloved will live on forever through the words of the poem. hahahai”” bleed nose ayo sir…
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1/25/2010 20:53:00Analie Grace M. Tablingon


Hamlet prove his suspicion about his father”s death through the play which is the recap or replay of his fathers death. The play is all about putting the poison on the ears that is actually the causes of hamlet fathers death.All his suspicion was true because Claudius was really surprise and react on the scene in the play. The Natural and Supernatural influence in the play “Macbeth is the element of nature and element of beliefs because the author uses the darkness , deception, and horror .and the author uses the 3 witches and the people believe in ghost or whatever. Othello was felt too much jealousy on Desdemona in a sense that, Othello found the handkerchief to Cassio which he gave into her beloved wife Desdemona.Othello thought that Desdemona and Cassio has a relationship because of the handkerchief he found to Cassio that made him felt too much jealousy. I was really amazed on the last part of the scene in the story “Romeo and Juliet”. When romeo thought that Juliet was died and because of his love to Juliet he kill his self and after Romeo kill his self and that was the time Juliet awakes.She saw Romeo stab because of her love to Romeo. She drinks a poison and that time they were both dead………………. Thats it! HOW saaaaaaaaad naman,,,,,,,,,,,,On my own analysis Sonnet 18 is refer to a lady..It is more on his appreciation on a lady that make him compare to the nature like summers and buds of may were in flower blooms.That even this things which he compared pass by still the beauty remains………………………. ,,,,,,,,, thanks 4 the exam Sirrrr it is really interesting,,,,,,,,,,,,god blesss

1/26/2010 18:49:53Sedney Rear Singcala


He proved his suspicion about his fathers death because his father’s ghost appeared to him and told him the truth.. Natural influences-
The play Macbeth could be naturally influential because the main character is very thirsty of power and fame just like many people in the present.
Supernatural Influences- It involved supernatural characters that is almost close to reality….Othello felt jealous to Cassio because he thought that Desdemona gave the handkerchief( given by Othello) to Cassio….In Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare creates a world of violence and generational conflict which two young people fall in love and die because of that love. I think in this sonnet Shakespeare expressed literarilly his very high regards and appreciation to the women. Do have a Questions harder than this………….(IRONY)
Please refrain from making my nose bleed…
the test is brain squeezing……

1/28/2010 22:58:10camile sumanting

Hamlet prove his suspicion about his father’s death from the other two men because his uncle killed his father,a ghost told him to avenge his father’s death and he should taken his revenge sooner.when Hamlet’s father was sleeping in his garden he was bite by a snake.but what Hamlet did not know was that the serpent that did sting thy father’s life now wear’s his crown meaning that it was Claudius that killed him and not a snake.
there were 5 important events showing the supernatural elements of Macbeth,namely the witches,the air drawn dagger,the unnatural happenings,the ghost of Banquo and the apparitions.They can predict the future of MacbethOthello felt too much jealousy to Desdemona because Othello taught that Desdemona had an appear to Cassio it’s because he had found the handkerchief that he had given to Desdemona to Cassio
this the famous ”Balcony scene,because of it’s romantic association is often misunderstood Romeo’s fashion for Juliet is ambiguously erotic.It was the essence of Romance.In calling for the triumph of the sun over the moon.Romeo is hoping she will not remain a virgin much longer.Women fevered desire that he is shy enough,and polite enough not to simply burst upon her.His desire and his reticence that shows how much he truly loves her.
for my own analysis”’shakesppeare’s sonnet 18”summer’s day is a special holiday wherein everyone likes to have it”because it could be a time for everyone”a time for happiness”everyone could relax especially for the lovers”by chance of mending the broken hearts”
i did my best”eventhough it’s quite difficult but I made it easy for myself”

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