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Vote for the “Most Outstanding Visual Aids”

Visual Aids


Choose the number and press the vote button to cast your votes.

1. Roxanne’s VA

2. Lucil’s VA

3. Argene’s VA

4. Jeff’s VA

5. Sydney’s VA

6. Ramilyn’s VA

7. Camille’s VA

8. Hela’s VA

9. Lendy’s VA

10. Wanda’s VA

11. Janet’s VA

12. Ceasar’s VA

13. Peter’s VA


14. Grace’s VA


by Rogelio B. Lasconia Jr.


1. Post this link: http://mythologysksu.wordpress.com/

to your wall.

2. Invite your friends to vote you for the “The Most Outstanding Visual Aids”.

3. Send emails to your prospect voters.

4. Use twitter, yahoo messenger and other search engines you know.

5. Promote your own VA by giving this link http://mythologysksu.wordpress.com/

6. Encourage users of FB and other Social Networks to cast their votes.

7. Verbally, invite students in and out of the school campus to vote your VA.

8. Encourage professionals…

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How to start 2018


Spending New Year, that is January 1, 2018, is to be with family, relatives and friends. I am with my cousins walking along the beach in the midst of darkness but we can see the beam of moonlight.

As one of  the beach goers, I am ready to experience to be in the tent and looking at the people who spend their nights by swimming, playing volleyball and singing in karaoke.

Morales Beach, located at Gumasa, Glan, Sarangani Province, is one of the perfect place to discover. The clean crystal and calm water captivate ones eyes upon seeing starfish and sea grasses. Low tide can bring extra scenic view on how the mangroves grow and glowing reflection of white sand.

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