Research 1

Practical Research 1 – Qualitative Research


Nature of Inquiry and Research

1. shares research experiences and knowledge CS_RS11-IIIa-1

2. explains the importance of research in daily life CS_RS11-IIIa-2

3. describes characteristics, processes, and ethics of research CS_RS11-IIIa-3

4. differentiates quantitative from qualitative research CS_RS11-IIIa-4

5. provide examples of research in areas of interest (arts, humanities, sports, science, business, agriculture and fisheries, information and communication technology, and social inquiry) CS_RS11-IIIa-5


Qualitative Research and Its Importance in Daily Life

1. describes characteristics, strengths, weaknesses, and kinds of qualitative research

2. illustrates the importance of qualitative research across fields


1. designs a research project related to daily life CS_RS11-IIIc-e-1

2. writes a research title CS_RS11-IIIc-e-2

3. describes the justifications/reasons for conducting the research CS_RS11-IIIc-e-3

4. states research questions CS_RS11-IIIc-e-4

5. indicates scope and delimitation of research CS_RS11-IIIc-e-5

6. cites benefits and beneficiaries of research CS_RS11-IIIc-e-6

7. presents written statement of the problem CS_RS11-IIIc-e-7