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Mahin 2018

#mahinatics is coined to describe the Mahin Festival, a yearly event conducted in Gumasa, Glan, Sarangani Province.

A foam party is enjoyed with mahinatics citizens.

The venue is set for the event, that is, April 20-21, 2018.

The bancarera is highlighted. The race of unmotorized boats.

Experiencing the early morning sunlight within the venue.

The side view of the Mahin stage.

Waiting for the boats to start the race.

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Exploring South

Every adventurer looked into place which captured ones senses. Exploring South Glan is an opportunity to see nature’s best.

Photo above shows the awaiting sunset that covers your skin and cloth your soul at Kingkim Beach which is commonly heard and recommended to visit when you step Burias, Glan, Sarangani Province.

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How to start 2018


Spending New Year, that is January 1, 2018, is to be with family, relatives and friends. I am with my cousins walking along the beach in the midst of darkness but we can see the beam of moonlight.

As one of  the beach goers, I am ready to experience to be in the tent and looking at the people who spend their nights by swimming, playing volleyball and singing in karaoke.

Morales Beach, located at Gumasa, Glan, Sarangani Province, is one of the perfect place to discover. The clean crystal and calm water captivate ones eyes upon seeing starfish and sea grasses. Low tide can bring extra scenic view on how the mangroves grow and glowing reflection of white sand.

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Celebrating Life’s Best

Celebrating Life’s Best

A festive mode is experienced during birthday celebrations. To eat and dine is one of the considerations to every celebrant who throw a party to the selected guest.

Looking for perfect place to mingle and kindle in front of table, Alexia Louise Kitchen offers food and beverages that suits to your budget,  located at Glan-Padidu, Glan, Sarangani Province.

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Amazing Educational Tour

With this rare opportunity, I visited the place where I stayed for 5 years during my elementary school.  Mangagoy, Bislig, Surigao del Sur is considered as one the great destination for every local and foreign tourist.

On our travel, we passed through Nabuntaran, Compostela Valley Province, that is, early 4:00 o’clock in the morning, we are greeted with people who served us with hot noodles and coffee.


Our first stop is Britania, San Agustin, Surigao del Sur. Yes, we are welcomed with the scenic view of the ocean with the multitudes of islands and islets.


It is a scenic view to hover from one island to another. A photo opportunity to lie down on the beach.


Touching with powdery sand in Naked Island is one of  the rare experience. I enjoyed much in caressing and playing the sand.


Several boating and riding activities captured the hearts of every travelers.


Tasting exotic food in the ocean, I ordered lato and swaki, which are soaked in spicy hot vinegar,  to please my empty stomach. Sweet potato is the perfect combination to these delicacies.


Next day travel is the most exciting one. We are on a motorized boat going to Socorro, Siargao. For the safety, we are on our life vest which we requested before we sail on.


Lagoon Tiktikan and Sohoton Gamay Resort are the first destination of the day.


Fear of heights is one of the considerations when someone who wants to jump on the water.


The highlight of Educational Tour is Sohoton, Bucas, Grand Island. Travelers are toured in the majestic land formations including cave like structures.


Rowing a boat makes me feel refreshing as I saw tamed jellyfish.

water boating

If we want to go fast, travel alone but If you want to go farther, then travel together.


I have my lunch at floating restaurant. Food choices are being cooked at my own wishes.


Embarking at one of the islands, I realized that I also consider other travelers perspectives in life. I heard their own stories to tell.


Together with my collegues, we enjoyed splashing the crystal water.


Windy atmosphere complements the heat of the sun. Still, I walked in the midst of water.


At my back, they are busy on looking the perfect spot. All I have is to sit on the wooden platform which I considered the most captivating shoot taken.


Sitting beside with my co-travelers pointed out that I am not a solo traveler. Indeed, chatting and conversing with them made my day colorful and wonderful.

“Next destination please” is one of the common expressions as we proceed to the next adventure.



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Kabantugan Awards 2017

Sharing time with Junior Jaycees Club based in Mindanao State University (MSU) is a worth satisfying experience.

The yearly Kabantugan Awards is set on May 13, 2017 at Veranza, KCC Mall General Santos City.

This Kabantugan Awards recognized students, individuals, organizations and stakeholders in one way or another share outstanding and commendable achievements.

I asked one of the JJC Members to take photo at the Kabantugan Awards Photo Wall and I learned that he is one of screening committee judges.

At the secreatariat’s table, JJC Members are ready for registration of participants.

With Kuya Ting Kusain, the organizer of Kabantugan Awards.

Year back 1999, I received a medallion as Outstanding Junior Jaycee. Thus, this year’s Kabantugan Awards reminded me the importance of recognizing ones achievement.


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Amazing Palawan

As I suggested, Palawan is one of the tourist destinations in the Philippines which every traveler wants to visit.

Along the shoreline of El Nido, I was greeted with its majestic scenery. Using my mobile camera, I am doing my early morning coffee. I labeled it “Mangape ta diri sa El Nido.”

On photo, I am holding the cup of coffee.

I wanted to explore more on the beach, I discovered that Beach Resort Owners offered services from foods, drinks and accommodations.

Photo showed that I can enjoy my stay by the pool. I tagged this as “Pool or Fool me again!”

Every moment of my life I used to reflect things, events, places and people. The pecfect place is to be here. I coined it as “Thinking Tables  and Chairs.”

On photo: I am sitting on the chair with El Nido’s captivating background.

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Hidden Cove

I was amazed when I discovered that my hometown Glan is not fully discovered with nature adventurers. Few local folks visited the captivating shoreline.

On photo is the rock formation which can hold my breath if I will plunge on the clear blue water. It can be potential dive site at the high level water.

Experiencing the deep level is somewhat exciting. The 4:00 o’clock sunshine illuminated the rocky side.

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