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Singapore and Me

April 20, 2019, we visited Universal Studios Singapore.

It is to let your eyes be opened in a point of view of a child. The transformer character is one of the attraction.

A yellow vantage cab is there waiting for a ride.

Going upstairs using an escalator, I was amazed with a giant globe that has an inscription “Universal”.

Walking at New York Street, I am greeted with Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase.

A breathtaking roller coaster ride with twist, turn and propel over 14 storeys into the air.

Visiting the ancient Egypt, we explored an abandoned Egyptian excavation site.

Dinosaurs are everywhere upon entering at Jurassic Park.

In the land of Far Far Away, we are watching the 4D animation movie of Shrek and Fiona After Life in which Prince Charming wanted to kill Fiona in the middle of the rushing river.

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