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Immersing ones Culture and Tradition

Center of attraction in Lake Sebu is the triangular landmark that shows Kemdol and I love Lake Sebu. At the innermost part is the statue of a man mounting on a horse which is surrounded with cemented picnic tables.

For travellers’ sigh of relief is the 7 falls that flows to its source.

Closer look at the water source.

Scenic view and dress of T’boli people.

We are immersing ones culture and its traditional costumes.

Also, to complete the day, a zipline experience is a must.

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Recapsuled Moments

The day starts with #waiting. A quick pose at Miles Avenue located here in my hometown Glan, Sarangani Province.

A stop over to taste tilapia from sinugba, kinilaw, and chicharon.

Glancing at the Lake Sebu horizon

Attended Seminar on Gender and Development

Sunrise Garden Lake Resort is the venue of GAD Seminar

A polo shirt is the best gift which I received this yuletide season.

Say “Good Morning!” to the spirits of the lake.

A dream house to be realized beyond imagination.

Delicious breakfast with my collegues.

Introducing Flor de Luna, a wild flower.

Meet Mr. Santa Claus, a flat belly one.

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