Course Outline English 212 Translation and Editing of Text

English 212

Translation and Editing of Text (Download)


1. Apply the rules of discourse and rhetoric in editing various kinds of written materials

2. Demonstrate understanding of basic theories and concepts in translation as applied to the writing and editing various types of text.

3. Apply principles and strategies in translating text of various types from English to another language or from another language to English

I – Overview of Translation

A. Etymology of translation

B. History of Translation (East and West)

Western Theory

– Other Traditions

C. History of Literary Translation

D. General Purposes

II – Types of Translation

A. Language Interpretation

B. Technical Translation

C. Literal Translation

D. Legal Translation

III- Context Retention

A. Principle of Equivalence

B. Back Translation

C. Fidelity and Transparency

D. Equivalence

F. Understanding Jargon

IV. Transliteration

V. Translators

A. Computer-Assisted

B. Machine Translation

C. Subtitling

D. Editing/Post Editing

E. Internet

VI. Press Freedom and Limitations

A. Constitutional Guarantee

B. Delimitations

C. Anti-Obscenity Laws

D. Libel

E. Copyright Law  (E-book)

F. Right of Privacy

G. National Security

VII. Editing in Translation

A. Contextual Abstraction

B. Light Editing and Full Editing

C. Style Writing

VIII. Literary Translation

A. History

B. Purpose

C. Technique

X. Basic Copyreading and Proofreading

A. The Manuscript

B. Copy/Editing the Manuscript

C. Proofreading

XI. Modern Translation

A. Poetry

B. Sung Texts

C. Religious Texts

D. Others


Translation Studies :*QYA9VqbTik1N9mvZK5xuMOpd-SFKM3THrMHPIO/TranslationStudies3rdEdBassnettSusanRoutledge.pdf

Cambridge Scholars Publishing :

Translation and Editing of Text

Theories of Translation by Eugene A. Nida:

Editors-notebook by Kalifer Deil

Translation Guidelenes:

Equivalence Revisited: A Key Concept in Modern Translation Theory

By Sergio Bolaños Cuellar”


All Theories and Concepts of Translation:

Translation procedure, strategies and metohds by Mahmoud Orduari :

Translation Courses:

Translating Text:

Course Ouline Translation Practice and Principles – Postgraduate Study – Newcastle University”

Translation Handout:

Handbook to Translation Studies:

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