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by: Rogelio B. Lasconia Jr.

Alliteration is repetition of  the similar  initial sound of each word.



Sir saw a snake on the seashore.

Some examples of alliteration are enumerated below:
Pedro picked a pepper placed in the prestigious plate.
Maxim make a model for magazine.
A little leaf lay on land.
Ann answers all accusations.
If practice makes perfect, and no ones perfect, then why practice?
Five frogs fight for freaky food.
Ana asked about Anthony.
Lovely lady looks like a lily.
Boastful boy breathed bravely.
I finally found a fabulous friend.
Four flowers found in the foggy forest.
Brave blue bird bounced on the bridge.
Claire climbed close to the coast.
Big blue bag brought by the braggart beggar.
Fred’s friends fried fries for Friday’s festival.
Painter paints people’s park.
Joseph jabs Jandy’s jaw.
Gab gave the goat with grass.
My mother made me a muffin.
Nick’s nephew needed new netbooks.
Four fat fisherman fried fish on Friday afternoon.
I see Isis’ icy ice cream.

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