Game 4 “Arrange the Ant Family”

Game#4 ARRANGE the “ANT” Family!
The group will assign a leader, 15 runners for 15 questions, and flag bearer.
The Leader is the in-charge of the group. He/She assigns and directs the group and create a group yell.
The Runner is tasked to get the answers from the camp mentors to be arranged at their assigned area.
The Flag Bearer is assigned to raise and wave the flag for every correct answer.
There are 15 scrambled words to be arranged by 3 groups. In the three places, the camp runners will get the scrambled letters from their camp mentors and paste their answers which are arranged correctly in their respective areas.The members of the group write their chosen answer in their camper’s answer sheets. If the group are done, they will sing the jingle “Humpty Dumpty!” very loud to signify that they finished their task. Then camp mentors check the campers responses and the group has higher score wins.

The following activities build upon a common sense base of letters to create new words.

Ex. What kind of an ant works with figures? An Accountant

1.What kind of ant that lives in the jungle?
2.What kind of ant which is extraordinary large?
3.What kind of ant which is luxurious?
4.What kind of ant which is a small child?
5.What kind of ant which immediate?
6.What kind of ant has moved to a different country?
7.What kind of ant that lives in a certain place?
8.What kind of ant which is far away?
9.What kind of ant works for a master?
10.What kind of ant which is unchanging?
11.What kind of ant which is sleeping?
12.What kind of ant that is empty?
13.What kind of ant which is plentiful?
14.What kind of ant which is good natured?
15.What kind of ant that grows?


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  1. jaselle abegail g. marasigan

    whats the answer


  2. airene dacera

    whats the answer?


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