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Effective Teacher


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How to be an Effective Teacher?


How to become an effective teacher?

To be an effective teacher you should know the weakness of your students, equip knowledge and inject more information to them so that the students is ready to face the difficulties and get more,more idea…thats it!(Argene)

To achieve the essence of effective teaching one must therefore call the truer, deeper and holistic understanding on how the students learning styles plays a vital role on their learning career.(Ceasar)

Teaching said to be the noblest profession in the world and being a teacher beholds a greatest move and that is to educate.To Become an effective teacher we must set first our selves a good example to others,we must be good communicator, good evaluator, we know how to love our students and be their second parents, their are a lots of qualities of a teacher needed to become an effective teacher, but what is important we have the willing heart to teach.(Analie Grace)

An effective teacher teaches the students and not the subject.(Sedney)

To become an effective teacher, teach your students properly with all the knowledge that you have.Plan your lesson before you teach.(Lucil) 

Setting positive expectations to your students is a very important factor to their success. As a teacher, you should let your students believe that they are capable to excel. This is also a good motivation for them.
One of the ways to capture the interest of the students is through enthusiasm. If the students have seen that you are really enthusiastic with what you are doing, they will be interested in the discussion and other class activities. The way you speak, your gestures, and eye contact to students really matter.
It is important for a teacher to have an effective classroom management. Proper way of handling and disciplining the class ensures that classroom lessons run smoothly and prevents disruptive behavior. This is possibly the most difficult aspect of teaching. Once a teacher loses control of his classroom, it is really more difficult to regain that control. It is imperative for a teacher therefore to create a positive classroom environment with mutual respect.
Content mastery, designing and implementing the lessons in the classroom are very important skills for an effective teacher. Possessing such skills helps a teacher achieve his objectives for the class. (Jeff)

To become an effective teacher, he must have a broad knowledge about everything. he must take the advantage of being a teacher. he must have a variety of teaching styles, and of course he must be a good communicator, a good disciplinarian, a fair evaluator and he must be a surrogate parent………..(Ramilyn)

Many teachers want to be effective but the question is, “how to be an effective teacher?”. Is it following your lesson plan detail by detail?how about having a good classroom management skills?Does it make you an effective one?For me, effective teacher is the one who does not only mold the cognitive and the psycho-motor of a person but also touch the affective one, a teacher who molds individuals holistically.(Hela)

Do you remember the teacher that left a lasting impression on you when you were in school? All of us had at least one teacher we called our favorite. As adults, we can definitely appreciate the effective teachers. (Roxan)


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