My Online Blog Steps Version for BSED III


Steps for Online Blogging 1st Session
by Rogelio B. Lasconia Jr.

1.You must have valid email either in or
2.Type in the browser tab
3.Decide on the name of your site: Sedney's e-World or Jeff's e-Space.
4.Fill out the necessary information about your site and confirm it in your email.
5.Go back to and start your blog experience by keying in your user name and password.
6.If you cannot log in go back to step no. 2 and create a new site name. Have patience in creating your account because it takes too long.
7.For successful account in wordpress, you can start your new post using the dashboard on your screen. 
8.Take note: Be sure to familiarize the tools in the dashboard like page, media, theme, link, post, theme, etc.
9.You can explore the dashboard by clicking it. If  you do errors just click the arrow back in your navigation. 
10.Your first post title is “How to be an Effective Teacher?”. It is an open-ended question so you can write anything about the topic below the title. More or less five (5) sentences. Click the publish after your idea is being type.
11.To visit your output just click the name of your site: Sydney's e-Word or Jeff's e-Space. 
12.To personalize your blog, choose picture from your facebook account then save as me in the desktop of the computer you are using.
13.In your wordpress dashboard, click the tools and choose the theme. Be able to change your header by uploading the picture me in the desktop.
14.To link the page of your classmates and your teacher, click the link in the dashboard and start filling out the name rogelio and the webpage address or url
15.You are half done of your blog. To  improve it, keep on clicking and exploring your dashboard.
16.If you have clarification about the steps, invite me in your yahoo messenger or chat me in our facebook group: BSED III. If everything goes wrong, say it “TEACHER AKO!”. I will help you.
17.P.S. For the online quiz in mythology:

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