Lesson Plan: Acknowledging Resources Lesson 2

Lesson Plan using the Digital BEAM learning Guides

Year Level: First Year Subject: English Date:___________

How many lessons will be in this learning guide?
What number of lesson is this?__
Length of Lesson (number of minutes):
No. of Students: 64

Read and analyze the selection

Topic: “Acknowledging Resources”
Reference: Year 1 English
Acknowledging Resources
Home, Family & You, The Teener
Produced by the Materials Development Center
Materials: multimedia, computers, pens, colors, manila paper
Strategy: Short Reading Strategy
BEAM Stages of Learning to be used in this lesson: Stage 2 Setting the Context


1. The students will read on their computer screen about Activity 2 “Short Reading”. In the groups, define roles such as discussion director, recorder, illustrator, reporter and members. Group 1 will read the selection “The Family: Its Meaning” page 10. Group 2 will read the selection “Early Marriage: Yes or No” page 29 and Group 3 will read “The Meaning of Home” page 20.
2. Refer to the reading tasks below. Explain these roles before the reading activity.
3. Hand out Activity Sheets 2 (reading selections) pp. 18-20 to the groups.
4. Group 1 will read the selection “The Family: Its Meaning” p.10, group 2 will read the selection “Early Marriage: Yes or No” p.29, and group 3 will read “The Meaning of a Home”p.20.
5. Tell the students to take note of their stand and responses to the selections read.

Reading Tasks:(Remind the students of their tasks for every activity)

1. Discussion Director – Your job is to develop a list of questions that your group might want to discuss about this part of the selection. Don’t worry about the small details, your task is to help your group talk over the big ideas in the reading and share their reactions. Usually, the best discussion questions come from your own thoughts, feelings, and concerns as you read. List those questions during or after your reading.
2. Group Recorder – Your job is to record all important details, that transpired from your group discussions. Be aware of your classmates’ reactions and be sure to write down the facts. Your notes shall be important for the reporting.
3. Illustrator – Your job is to think and draw some kind of picture related to the reading. It can be a sketch, diagram, cartoon, flow-chart or stick-figure scene. Your work might be needed during your group’s presentation.
4. Group Summarizer/Reporter – Your job is to prepare a brief summary of your group’s reading. The other member of your group will be counting on you to give a quick statement (one-to-two minutes) that conveys the gist, the key points, the main highlights, the essence of your group’s reading. It is also your task to give the report of your work when you are asked.


After doing their task, a presentation of their outputs follows.

Bring dictionary and thesaurus.

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