Business Plan

Republic of the Philippines
Region XII
Division of Sarangani

Acon, San Vicente, Glan, Satangani Province

Business Plan


This project is being planned to augment the school financial and technical needs or the maintenance and sustainability of the 21 computer units endorsed to the school the students and communities welfare.


Able to augment the financial assistance for the sustainability of the school computer laboratory needed materials, technical, maintenance, repair and staffing of computer laboratory.

I. Business Model: Mixed Breed (ischools-eSkwela, ASC-SME and Adopt-A-School)
II. Niche Market:
Primary- Students, LGU, SK
Secondary- OFW,OSYA,Women,SMEs
Developing- Farmers,SAG,Housemakers

III. Strategies for Promotion and Campaign

Primary: Direct Personal information, Flyers, Streamers, Posters,
Orientation to parents during school meetings and activites
Secondary: Referrals, streamers, posters
Developing: Mentoring and Coaching
a. iSchools-eSkwela – OSYA
b. ASC-SME – Farmers, SAG, SME
c. Adopt-A-School – Students from other schools and teachers, LGU., SK,
Parents and Communities

IV. Staffing

Manager and Facilatator – ICT Coordinator
– Assistant ICT
Maintenance and Repair – Technician

Volunteers – OJT and Trained Students

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