Output 5

Output # 5 is a free writing activity. The students will write compositions about the 10 movies and songs they like most. Some of the contents in this page are unedited.

“Around the World”

Many of us dreamed to tour around the world similar to Ferdinand Magellan. He almost lived on water  all through his life. In spite of his choice, he was happy because he fulfilled his dreams. Also, I want to tour around the world in one day but it is impossible and unbelievable. (Christine)

“Shining Armor of My Heart” (Unedited)

Say my name! sunshine through the rain my whole life so lonely and then come and ease the pain. Is this burning like a flame?  You brighten my day by showing me my direction. You are coming to me and giving me inspiration. You are the shining armor of my life. (Angie)

“The Essence of  Love”

Love is precious gift that you receive, and you needed to give it with caution. Love should never be taken for granted, so treat it right. Love is precious gift that we receive from our Almighty God. Everyone needs love but always remember that sometimes it made us crazy. I used Anaphora in my composition. (Marecris)

“From the Start”(Unedited)

“Saying keep me in your heart,

Promise me you never apart

Coz I will love you forever

Coz you never leaving for ”

Loving you with all my heart is my life, without you my life is useless. I a m willing to give you my soul and my heart. (Cristine)

“If Only”(Unedited)

If only I can show you, if only I can tell you, if only I can be with you, I will keep you as a precious gold in the abyss of my heart. Things will not last but one thing that will, it will be my love for you, as endless as forever my love for you will stay ’till the end of time.(Edilmera)

“Unchanging Love”

“Aubrey was her name is not so very ordinary girl or name.” This line is an excerpt of certain song. I am referring to the name Aubrey to my love or crush. Because for me she is not just an ordinary girl. She possesses several characteristics such as: a loving lady, intelligent, diligent, beautiful, and respectful. For me, she is the star shining that leads me to the predestined path. “All those years I’ve been watching all the stars that fall down wishing she would be mine.” This line is so enticing because I could really relate it with her. She is not a kind of a girl who can easy get.(Melvin)

“I Don’t Love You Like I Did Yesterday!”(Unedited)

Swinging from the bottom of my heart,She is the reason that I breathe. She is the reason that I still believe and she is my destiny, as I thought before, Juliet. But, this is the moment of truth when I mad. And I say, I don’t love you like I did yesterday! After all this time you say won’t. Coz’ tonight I’ve fallen and I can’t give up. (Gene)

“A Hero”

My sunshine of my life is Beowulf. He is the person who helps me in terms of difficulties. He is always their beside me every time I whisper in the wind. His hands are my shields and his body is my armor. He is the reason why I still alive in this world. He is my protector, a brave man who has courage to help a pitiful girl. (Mae Ann)

“I Got This Line”

I got this line in a teleserye “All My Life” and the theme song entitled “A Friend of Mine”. This line “I can’t live without you.” was said by the girl to the boy who is her childhood sweetheart. Even how many times they were separated by the destiny they will meet each other. It started with friendship; it ends with lasting love or passionate love. (Alyn)

“I/We Believe” (Unedited)

Everyday is just the same, ordinary day. Everyday is a unique and spirit-filled of God’s miracles. The could go on and on endless if we really aware to us all. Everyday, in big and small ways, God performs miracles for us. If we believe we can see that God is good and powerful. There’s no reason to doubt in our life. I used anaphora since it started with the same words.(Percy)

“My Redeemer”

When the ocean’s rise and thunders roar, I will soar with you above the storm. Father you are king over the floods. I will be still know you my God. When problem comes don’t be afraid there is someone who help you, when trials come there is someone will hug you.. The one who die for you who sacrifice in order for you and me to be saved. He is a source of my life’s strength and the air that I breathe. You are my provider, protector, and my redeemer. He is my God. (Grace)

“The Movies that Melted my Heart”(Unedited)

There numerous movies that I have watched but a few remained on my mind. Harry Potter struck me with its stunning magic and visual effects. The wizard fought against the hazard. The blood flooded the forest when the unicorn died; The beauty of Hermione made Ron’s day as beautiful as the sunrise.These are the scenes that I remembered and really made an impact of my life. (Audrey)

“I Remember”

I remember when we kissed

I still feel it on my lips

Every time we touch

Every time we kiss I swear

Can’t you feel my heart beat fast?

I want this last

Need you by my side.

I love this song especially these lines.  The first line is Allusion and the second is Anaphora and hyperbole “a person who lost his love one and wishes her to come back.(Marge)

“I don’t Care”

I don’t care what you say or think about me its all right you’ll get it one day.”

I love this line because I think I’m in heaven or flying in the sky. As I heard that song, the wind kisses my checks as if I feel or reflect that song. It reminds me not to ruin my mind if there’s somebody will not like me.(Apriline)

“Good Morning” (Unedited)

Good morning yesterday

You wake up

A time has sleep away

Opportunities come at once giving up its neglecting while way experience at the end.(Randy)

“Love Behind” (Unedited)

If only I could turn back time,

I would put some rhyme.

If only this is a song;

I would write it on my own.

If only there was music;

I would put my own lyrics

My hear missing for so long

I want to sing our song.

Tell me what you’ve said;

I don’t want to be left unsaid.(Aprilyn)

“Dancing is not what we do, It is who we are”

I like this line in the movie “Honey” because it reflects on my attitude while I watched this movie a million times. I like the characters. It gives meaning. I like their steps; it gives me idea in dancing. This movie makes me happy rather than other dancing movies. The movie was the best I watch in the sense that it is like a reality. “Honey” is a humbled, honoured, hilarious and high minded. (Cydreck)

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