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Output 4

Output # 4

“ Behind that Girl “

“Do not judge the book by its cover.” This is a famous saying that everybody knows. But people couldn’t really help but judge others, it is people’s nature.

I have known a girl who has been judged by people straightaway based on what they see in her without knowing who she really is. People see her as a loud, outgoing girl whose happiness is so shallow. They said she’s a spoiled little brat grown from a well-established family. Other than that, she’s nothing. What they don’t know that girl has a heart full of forlorn and in need of love. She is type of girl who hides everything and lets it out in her peaceful sanctuary. Every night, she would sob out of her broken heart and even attempted suicide because of being tired of her purposeless life.

What others don’t know, she’s an ordinary girl who cries and though hilarious at times she can’t help but she run in a place where she feels safe, no one’s watching and no one will laugh at her. They don’t know she’s weak. Everytime, she’s being judged she feels she’s been stabbed in the back a thousand times which makes her want to drop her sword and surrender the fight at the middle of the   battlefield. In spite of devastations she still chooses to pursue what she started and continues to fight though she’s drowning by the people’s judgments. And as I see her, walking down-street, I would say to myself, she’s the strongest girl I’ve ever met. I wish they would know the person behind that girl. (Audrey)

“An Excellent Man”

Dreaming a man in your life is just engrossing yourself to be loved by someone. But in this moment in time, I already found my man whom I called “My Dreamboy.” He is so special to me. I always thought that someday I will marry him. Love is essential to us human beings because through this things we can be able to unite. Actually, in this nation we need love for us to have peace and order. It plays also a vital role in our lives. (Mae Ann)

“A Youngster”

Youth of today are being hailed as mischievous and sophisticated. They don’t even realize that being educated is more significant rather than these negative values they have. For them life is just in a haste way which need to be a trustworthy. To prevent these attitudes, they need to enrich their wisdom how to be enthusiastic and essential life is. (Angie)

“Youth of Today”

Youth or adolescence of today are very open-minded and liberated in the sense that they are wearing sexy jeans and hunk jeans rather than modest dresses. Also nowadays, they like to wear bling-bling necklace rather than gold or silver necklace. Mostly, they want to be with their friends rather than with their family. Some girls choose to be naked to get a lot of money and boys want to have girlfriends who have glamorous faces and elegant attires. But the most exciting part of youth is sharing with talents like dancing and singing which make develop the confidence. (Cydreck)


“The true measure of success is not what position you’ve reached in life but what obstacles you have overcome to reach the desired goal.” Nowadays, you can measure your success even though you’ve become professional or you got early marriage. A lots of vicissitude but the extremity subdued in our mind to purse our goals in the future. (Margelyn)

“Actions Speak To It”

Love is the edifice of ones relationship. It is been entangle by so much danger, however, all eligible men and women are entitled to emancipate the true essence of love. A very gargantuan notion if we talk about it, thus, they are the hostess/host in their own tales about love. Some of them are being savage to his/her own feeling, ridiculed and tormented in the end. But the liberty of love will always end emerging. (Jesse)


Late in the night, when a man who was driving a car did not read the cautions on the driveway and suddenly there’s a rat crossed the road. The man had already a negative thinking because he believed of some beliefs. He was drunk at that time and it was laborious for him to drive his car. Because of that the man got an accident. The family of the man were emotional when they knew about the accident.(Apriline)

“Climatic Part of My Life”

It automatically comes in my way. This sensational emotion I have brings me to deleterious scene of my life written in the old papyrus embodied by haggard individual.  The pain he gave me was the product of his haggard, robust and tremor personality. This pain brings a tremendous change. But, the only antedote is the sonata of her love that emerges and empowers us. That is the evidence of the collaborative effort between the two of us to elicit these people who hamper our will. (Gene)

“Loving You”

Love is a precious gift we receive from our Almighty God. Youth, nowadays, have their own natural feelings to express their love to someone they love.  For example is showing their sweetness, niceness, tenderness, and most especially their love. Every individual tries to do special things just to make their love one happy. Thus, we admit that we always hoping that the one we do. They also love us.(Maricris)

“ Life”

“Life is what we make it.” What we are today is just a mere reflection of yesterday and exactly the root and reason of tomorrow. What we had collaborated each day of our living will be the building fragment to mold and to edify what we likely to be. Great life is designed by great hands that will delineates the whole you as a life maker Himself. (Edilmera)

“His Crush”

Having crush makes him feel happy and energetic, especially, Everytime he sees her in the campus or even in the room. The reason behind why he likes her is being sweet and kind. Even though,he really likes the girl but still he cannot woe her because she has boyfriend. So, he realized that he must not tolerate his feelings for her because it is dangerous and it could break strong foundation relationship which are built between two lovers.( Cristine)

“When I Met Him”

Long time ago, my life was like a river that flowed without an ending line. Yet, I was happy but there was something missing. I was unlit in the dark of night. The time when I met Him, I used to follow the cheerful life just like a rainbow. When I met Him I wanted to dance and to praise with Him.(Percy)


All of us experienced embarrassment, sorrows, emptiness, problems, joys and fulfilment. We really need love and care. My notions about things enumerated above are normal in the lives of every individual because there is a saying “Life is dull without problems.” So we are normal if we encounter these things but if we encounter problems which make us strong and sometimes we feel emptiness and sorrows when we have trials like death of love ones. Hence, if we passed these trials and problems, we will be happy and we feel fulfilment. Moreover, the three most important: love, peace and good relationship to other because we are person who feel love and happiness in our hearts. Finally, if we love someone especially our love ones, we give them our care. (Grace)

“A Teacher”

Teaching is the noblest profession. Being a teacher, we must be a great model in order to get respect from our students. We should encourage our students to finish their studies and to have a better life. According to Jose Rizal, our national hero, “An educated man is the hope of our nation.” Thus, Teacher is the second parents, who are molding individuals to be good.(Alyn)

“Dark Secret”

Standing alone

In the garden of home.

Young and pure

with the heart of all.

Reality haste by yesterday;

shy lady yell on her youthful today.

Rigorous years

was gone out of  sails.

Someone so sweet

happened to hit.

Grief-stricken other

Grendel had given.

Friend in dim

Cling the miracle.


“Her Precious Heart”

Love is said to be dominant, sometimes, we can’t emancipate our feeling to someone who is so special to us. However, in reality, if we have loved that is tenacious to our mind. Our tongue keep frozen because as I have experienced when I wooed my love just to be my girl or should I say to be my girlfriend. I can no longer utter any word just to say that I love her exceedingly. Lamentably, she refuses my love or feelings to her, and it makes my heart frozen as I have mention previously. (Melvin)


Coconut is the tree of life giving enormous source of livelihood to people like candy, stick broom, copra and lumber. But behind these usefulness of coconut, there’s a problem waiting ahead because of the irresponsible people that excessively dump coco husk anywhere that serve as nuisance which contaminate rivers and hazardous to the seashores. With this, cautiously manage and care our nature is the best way to educate other people. (Randy)

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Students Ouput 3

3rd Output



            In respect of life both happiness and sadness are being experienced by every individual. Sometimes, we need to have courage to face miseries; to be strong as to surpass the melancholic situation; and to be determined in recovering from affliction. So therefore, all these complex emotion isjust a challenge for us to get ahead in life. (Angie)




            All living things was God precious gift. As we see, this things that has life is so nice to touch; the beauty, the skin, unusual faces, and most of all living things has uncommon like butterfly. As we see it flying its beuatiful most of all their wings. Its extraordinay to other insects. But these butterfly are natural in the sense that the  life cycle of them are strange. Think about  this they lay egg, next is larva , that is like a worm and change to pupa likw a worm cover with cement then hatch to become beautiful butterfly . See the life of butterflyfrom freakish to a beautiful life. (Cydrek)



            I really love watching action films because action films are so exciting and interesting specially when the characters are in the middle of the battle. Like a war between the east and the west. There are also films about a gang riot, when the two different groups encounter in a certain place, then they will have confrontation. (Pamela)




            No one could ever reach the height of the wiseness, Jose Rixal, our  National Hero. He has the abilites that man ever wanted. A man of all profession, through his keen-edged mind, he beomes a hero.( Margelyn)




            The most famous epic hero during the Anglo-Saxon period in the English Literature. He is known for his being brave and strong for he had slayed the fearless monster Grendel who had been disturbing the Kingdom of King Hrothgar for a long time. Furthermore the dauntless hero Beowulf killed Grendels’ mother who brought peace to the kingdom. He later on became the most powerful King ever lived. (Audrey May)




            Philippines was one of the most country which are poor. Many people were failure by themselves especially the women who leave their jobs to conceal the evil practice. Some of the women turned into abortion when they are not ready to have baby and they usually think that it is fruitless if they were not abort the baby because of finacial needs. The only thing that they think to get out from unwanted pregnacy is to abort the baby. (Apriline)




            One of the most persons I admired are gays. You know what?  They are so funny to be with because of the language they used. They are more than a joker that  makes their audience happy. It is my pleasure to have a gay friend in which they make my life merry and jolly. It’s better  to have them than those drugs addicts and person out there. (Randy)




“ Being Myself”


            Being smart is what I want. I want to be efficient in many things, even if I will take a risk from it. So I am very energetic and alert if I have things to do, and being resourceful helps me to develop myself.  It is very overwhelming seeing my life as dashing and venturing character portraying a very significant role in the society where I live. (Jessie)


“ Eye-Catching Endowment”


            The unwavering pulchritude of the scenic views of the scenic views of the natural and eye-catching environmental endowment of Glan fascinates me in all time of my sojourn here. Fortunately, Glan is endowed with marvelous diversity of natural resources driving it to  a productive and enticing destination for tourists and visitors. Moreover, it helps in lifting up the socio-economic status of the inhabitants and of the municipality as a whole contributing for the development of the country.(Edilmera)




            Life is succession, unfolded with the occurrence that had happened in our life. Nevertheless, as we continue to compete the succession. These are lots of impediments which are so alluring to do vicious and immoral just to suffice our daily activities. So to speak, it explicitly shows that persuading ourselves not to do bad things sometimes and somehow rigorously fulfilled because of the most enticing things that we have to do just to be still alive. Thus, our world speaks that it is not safe to live in because of the temptation which is coaxing to do immoral.(Melvin)




            Poverty in the Philippines is getting worst and lack of education acquired is one of the primary reasons. Every needs to acquire literacy in his early development because reading and writing are useful skills in so many daily activities. However, many people ,in the world, who are not literate and many do not even have the opportunity to become literate. (Gene)



“Committed in Christ”


            Serving God is not an easy task. Once you enter in a certain ministry, it is not like a game that you are playing. You need to give all. You need to rule your own responsibilities but keep the pure spirit of being humble. (Percy)




            Greediness is one of the reason why people not prosper, because of being selfish in material possession and love. Because of our greediness we do not want to prosper because of jealousy we can think mostly of things to ruin others life, in the sense that we don’t want to see someone prosper. Furthermore, when it comes to love we we are all loning for love and sometimes  because of our love to someone we become selfish because all we want is to be the center of every individuals whom we love. (Grace)




            It is great to wacth a show usually when you are uneasy. It helps you to conceal the feeling of madness. When I was watching, I wish I could sit at the first-class level of spectators so that I can see it legibly. But then it is not easy for me to sit in that portion because it has a first-rate in account. (Christine)





            I am charming because some of the boys I meet they are really admirable, adorable, sweet and most specially they love me the way I talk, love and care them.(Maricris)


“My Childhood Friend”


            I am happy everytime I see my friends like what happened last week. While walking down the streets, I saw my childhood friend whom I never met several years ago. I felt glad when I heard an overwhelming statement from her about what happened to her life. I could see on her eyes how delightful she is right now. Yet, she shared her success stories joyfully. Based on her story, I could say that my childhood friend is blessed for having a happy family. (Cristine)




            She was a gifted child because since she was young, she had the ability to sing and she developed it. She underwent some circumstances and trials before she reached her status now which was her dream came into reality. (Alyn)




            In this momentous event of my life, I feel great and happy even though I have a lot problems and circumstances to be encountered. Because of my braveness and determination to pursue all the things that I want to do, I must say that I can do it and I can face all the things that can be able to curb my dreams in life. I felt very essential to my  parents although we are far from each other. Also, I was lucky to have a man in my life because he can be my shoulder to lean and cry on. (Mae Ann)


“Smokers Rain”


            In my high school years, I was really silent type person and afraid to mingle with others. I always had a grimace face whenever I pass by a group of bullies. I felt grief once because of untrue commaraderie. When I got to college, I have met this woman. She used to be my teacher in Psychology and fortunatley become friends. She showed one of the salient of true and lasting friendships. We are both extrovert in character. Thus, I am so glad to have her as my friend who always makes me happy. (Aprilyn)

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