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A video from google

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My Other Blog

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Online Classes

Hi Camp Bloggers 1A! I just want to post the sites which I created for the online classes.

Just click below to view:

Stylistic Writing Class

Afro-Asian Literature Class

Developmental Writing Class

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About my blog

Camp Blog Proposal

by Rogelio B. Lasconia Jr.

In developing my Blog, I make pages on Contact, My Profile, Lessons, Pictorials and Downloads. These categories will serve as content which can be viewed by my colleagues and students.

I place the Contact Page for the viewers wish to reach the author when offline.

In the My Profile Page, it tells about the author.

The most important in my blog is the Lesson Page, It will serve as a vehicle in teaching my students online.

Both students and my colleagues can access to the Lesson Page  and they  can place their comments. Hence, My lessons will be retrieved anywhere as long as they have the Internet connection.

As of  May 23, 2009, I try to post and update pictures on my my blog. The pictures that I have are related to the training in ICT and different school activities. I am still developing this page.

I provided the page on Downloads. The purpose of this page is to have an access on documents like copy of previous and advanced presentations and lessons.

For the content of my blog, It is solely for the educational purposes. I will link my site to other online resources. Through linking to those education site, It is easier to make lessons which are digital and interactive. I will link it to Eskwela, Googles, CICT and  Wikis.

Also, I will link it to  other users of ischools camp blog. They can help me in improving and developing my blog.

In maintaining my blog, It  is done weekly. If  I have time to make new lessons in digital format which I am going to upload and updated, it can be done within a week.

In my own opinion, it is so difficult to make lessons online if you do not have experts and critics. So, I proposed to Camp Blog Organizer that there must be someone who can refer to.

For us  teachers, we want somebody to read our outputs and make some positive criticisms. These comments and suggestions of the experts or critics will help us to innovate good lessons which we can apply to our respective classes.

Furthermore, It is also vital to answer this question on how to sustain my blog. Until now, we are still on the process of having Internet connection in our school. Together with my new principal, we  contacted the Globe, Smart and PLDT to provide us service in our place but the internet connection of Globe is for cities only, the Smart is for the identified Poblacion within 3 kilometers radius while the PLDT is for land line only.  We are looking for the suppliers on satellite disc and those who will install the connection.

To sustain my  blog, I am relying only on  the internet cafe but if the connection is established in our school, I can say that there is no problem on  sustainability.

Finally, for this camp blog, I will spend my time in developing and polishing my blog. It is open for critiquing and clinicing.  Perhaps, in spending the rest of the day in the camp, I will create a blog which is functional and operational.


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Link Photos from Stephen Paraan


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Technical Writing Class

General Instructions:

View this site for testing –

To start taking the test, Click your name. Enter the Password. Do the Test Name – Sentences, Technical Writing, Business Letters, Grammar, Vocabulary.

Be sure to answer all test items. Grades will be sent to your email address. Good luck.

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Camp Blog A Farewell Party

Hey! just view this video during our last night at Mimosa Leisure State,  Clark Field Pampanga.

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Link Grammar Videos

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Back to School

I am really excited to share my learnings in camp blog to my students and co-teachers particularly the topics  “Blogging, Plone, and CMS”.

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