SG’s Famous Landmarks

Singapore’s famous landmarks fascinated ones eyes.

The Skypark at Marina Bay Sands (MBS).

At MBS, a Colorful waterfall display.

Super Tree that offers variety cuisine at the Nest, that is, the topmost part.

Singapore’s financial district, a combination of high rise buildings.

A bridge that connects tourist into waterways.

A pose at Marina Bay Sands.


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Singapore and Me

April 20, 2019, we visited Universal Studios Singapore.

It is to let your eyes be opened in a point of view of a child. The transformer character is one of the attraction.

A yellow vantage cab is there waiting for a ride.

Going upstairs using an escalator, I was amazed with a giant globe that has an inscription “Universal”.

Walking at New York Street, I am greeted with Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase.

A breathtaking roller coaster ride with twist, turn and propel over 14 storeys into the air.

Visiting the ancient Egypt, we explored an abandoned Egyptian excavation site.

Dinosaurs are everywhere upon entering at Jurassic Park.

In the land of Far Far Away, we are watching the 4D animation movie of Shrek and Fiona After Life in which Prince Charming wanted to kill Fiona in the middle of the rushing river.

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Continous Improvement

To aspire change, Continous Improvement (CI) is one of the technology that every organization either in business sector and academe embrace to bring proper system thinking.

Seminar on CI with my co-participants. We are uproaring together ” We do it together!”

With this CI journey, Pangyan NHS humbly accepts the challenge.

During the 3 day session, We grouped ourselves as Team Transformers.

Division CI Training Batch 2 School Implementation January 7-11, 2018, Sarangani Highlands, General Santos City.

A socialization night that is Search for Mr. & Ms. CI and Team Variety Show in Safari Attire.

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Immersing ones Culture and Tradition

Center of attraction in Lake Sebu is the triangular landmark that shows Kemdol and I love Lake Sebu. At the innermost part is the statue of a man mounting on a horse which is surrounded with cemented picnic tables.

For travellers’ sigh of relief is the 7 falls that flows to its source.

Closer look at the water source.

Scenic view and dress of T’boli people.

We are immersing ones culture and its traditional costumes.

Also, to complete the day, a zipline experience is a must.

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Recapsuled Moments

The day starts with #waiting. A quick pose at Miles Avenue located here in my hometown Glan, Sarangani Province.

A stop over to taste tilapia from sinugba, kinilaw, and chicharon.

Glancing at the Lake Sebu horizon

Attended Seminar on Gender and Development

Sunrise Garden Lake Resort is the venue of GAD Seminar

A polo shirt is the best gift which I received this yuletide season.

Say “Good Morning!” to the spirits of the lake.

A dream house to be realized beyond imagination.

Delicious breakfast with my collegues.

Introducing Flor de Luna, a wild flower.

Meet Mr. Santa Claus, a flat belly one.

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Historic Day

We are privileged to visit Sto. Nino Shrine also the part of Romualdez Mansion.

Each room depicted the details of Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos. I was so amazed because I never came across in my readings that featured precious heritage.

It is not a portrait that is being framed but the miniature that portrays Ferdinand Marcos assumption to the office as President of the Philippines.

On the wall projected the Romualdez Family Genealogy.

A miniature illustrated how Marcos build and developed Leyte.

A long table with 13 chairs represented 13 Regions of the Philippines.

A hand carve of Malakas and Maganda which is a common Philippine Folktale.

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Travel Together

We are set to our long ride going to Surigao Port.

A long journey with stopover in one of the fast food chain.

A long ride is accompanied with long waiting to address the call of nature.

Well, we need to surpass the security check at Surigao Port.

A walk going to ferry boat.

We are now onboard to Leyte.

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A Journey to Somewhere

Checking my online stuff while on travel.

Backapackers life starts when every footsteps moving to somewhere.

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Work Immersion Experiences: Basis for Improving NCII Training of Senior High School Students


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November 1, 2018 · 12:46 am

Photo Op with me

A special thank you to my co teacher Michael Ramin V. Alido for the spectacular photos.

Indeed, pictures represent thousands of words.

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